Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Trend Alert - Peacock


One trend we've noticed popping up everywhere and still going strong are those inspired by peacock feathers.  There is something about those iridescent blues and greens that translates to everything from nail polish...

to bridesmaid dresses...

to tablesettings
 (too bad we already have our theme chosen for McHenry Mansion's Tablesetting event)

This beautiful wreath ~ sold on Etsy here

And we found these at Pier1...who we think has become so much more than just a place to buy candles!

So if you want to add a little dash of exotic to your style, you can feather your nest, paint your nails and maybe take a cue from this little cutie for Halloween!



Michele and Linda

Monday, September 26, 2011

Set The Mood With Paper Lanterns

This past Spring, we were asked by our friend Donna Versola to help with her daughter Amber's baby shower.  With a guest list of 30 family and friends, Amber had picked out a theme of Pickles and Ice Cream.  "Yikes", Donna said, "I have no clue where to even start with that!"  So Elements of Chic was brought in for an assist.  After seeing the rooms where the party was going to take place, we immediately focused on the bay window in the DR/LR to use as our focal point.  Amber wanted to have an ice cream sundae bar, along with cake balls and other goodies and use brown, light blue and a light sage green as her that.   

Research under way, we knew we wanted to use paper lanterns.  They are so versatile and come in great colors and you can make an impact in a budget friendly way.  Look at some of the amazing ways you can create every look from romantic wedding to a colorful fiesta.

These are featured on and are made from two bags fit over each other to form a square and then add them to light strings.

This colorful look with purple as the focal color is playful and elegant. 

How cute is this red and white theme featured at

A classic version of luau...

Martha Stewart in a cylinder shape with floral print.

This was featured on the website Hostess With The Mostess and would be so cute for the entrance to a kid's birthday party.

The ivory lanterns look like moonglow to this chartreuse theme...we love the moss candelabras and don't think we aren't going to look for an excuse to try this DIY project.

Beautiful venue with the ceiling beams.  The lanterns help bring it all down to earth as the floral arrangements reach up to them...lovely.

Purple is one of the hottest colors going right now.  The lanterns create depth with the tall tables and bench seating.

We made some tissue paper flowers for our focal point so wanted to show you this great pic of a citrusy theme that could be used for Fall.

So for Amber's shower we chose to use paper lanterns, tulle, tissue paper flowers and garland and some chipboard letters that spelled out "Baby".

So here was the end result and excuse the picture and lighting as neither one of us brought a camera and this was taken with my phone.  Chocolate brown (appropriate for an ice cream theme) and sage green lanterns, along with the tulle and turquoise blue paper garland.
Congratulations to Amber and Donna and continued blessings!


Michele and Linda

Friday, September 23, 2011

What's on your front door this Fall season?

Today at 2:05 am begins Autumn Equinox, a season of bright colored foliage and the reaping of harvest. Your front door conveys your first impression to the outside world of who you are! Golden colors of the season should shine on your front door at least through the end of September, giving way to Halloween fun in October, and returning to your front door until Thanksgiving. Here are some of our favs for this upcoming season.............

A wreath moss with fresh pumpkins adding a linen bow is stunning on this door.

This grapevine wreath adds a mixture of flowers and feathers to celebrate the season.


An alternative to a wreath on the door
 is this carved pumpkin filled with flowers and
 leaves tied with a satin bow.             

This silk floral wreath with black ribbon would be a great wreath for Halloween.

Are you ready for some fall entry way designs? Next week some more inspiration! What is on Michele and Linda's front door? You can have a peek next week!


Linda and Michele

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh The Things You Can Do With Burlap

Did you ever have burlap sack races when you were a kid?  We did as kids, at family picnics but honey, let me tell you that burlap has come a long way.  We love the texture it adds and everyone is using it from Ballard Designs to Pottery Barn and all those crazy creative DIYers out there.  It is a very inexpensive way to get a custom look from pillows to bulletin boards to lamp shades and wreaths.  Here are some of our favorites...

Images from Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn
Restoration Hardware and Pinterest

Burlap has been a hot design trend lately and hopefully this has given you some inspiration.  What will you create with this timeworn favorite?


Michele and Linda

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apples=Fall=Decorating Inspiration

Although it is supposed to be 97° today, the calendar says it's September and pumpkins are laying in the fields and showing up in the stores.  Back to School came and went weeks ago and Halloween is just around the corner.  Its Day Two of our blog challenge (read here) and we thought that the apple should get its due as a decorating accessory and not just to keep the doctor away. 

Now, there is this Apple, that is near and dear to our hearts for our iphones and ipods

And this little dumpling that couldn't be any cuter...


Sshhh...don't tell anyone but I love apple pie for breakfast.  Hey, it has fruit in it!

But here are a couple of really unique ideas for could serve Apple Martinis!

These would look great on any wood color for your table

Some DIY Projects below...

A couple of table setups...

And a simple, classic mantel
All pictures found by our Pinterest obsession

So think about what containers or baskets you already have and head out to your grocery store or local farmer's market for some Fall decor that is beautiful to look at, great to eat and use in recipes and maybe it's true about an apple a day...

Elementally Yours,

Michele and Linda

Monday, September 19, 2011

Intentions and Leading Into Fall

noun /inˈtenCHən/ 
intentions, plural
  • A thing intended; an aim or plan- she was full of good intentions
  • The action or fact of intending- intention is just one of the factors that will be considered
Most of us have good intentions; the voice inside that says you need to call your mom today or go to church every week; schedule date night with your significant other; workout; eat better, read that book everyone is talking about, blah, blah, blah. 

We try, we really do.  It's just that sometimes, well life happens and good intentions get replaced by making dinner, taking kids to dance, soccer or college campuses, laundry, errands, working late, meeting a deadline, running a business and a part-time job and OK I'll admit it...watching "So You Think You Can Dance." 
I have been blogging off and on for a couple of years now and it's always kind of been something I did when the right subject came along or I wanted to highlight an event that was happening or in which I was participating.  Kind of another offering of my design business.  I had every intention of doing it more all the articles that said it was a necessary part of a small business and I enjoy it.  I love writing and sharing interesting things, products and inspiration out there in the design world.  THERE IS SO MUCH COOL STUFF!  Endless things to write about right?
When Linda and I joined forces, we discussed blogging...a lot...and how important it could be to our business.  We were very excited and have much to share and we had every intention of doing it on a regular basis.  Well guess what...a new business and there's all these things we need to do, see and figure out, not to mention get our name out there; do the jobs we were hired to do and we occasionally put out a blog post.  It was right there on our calendar and To Do List, seriously!  I subscribe to several blogs that land in my email box on a regular basis (see, they can do it).  One of which is Darren Rowse' blog called Problogger to get tips and information for my good blog intentions. Well, he recently posted a video on his site that I watched and watched again.  He used the analogy of blogging as a muscle and if you don't use it, it's never going to get strong or take you anywhere.  Wow, light bulb, aha, whamo, Oprah moment.  Maybe it's obvious to you but I just needed to see/hear that video at that exact time because I have also been trying to up my exercise game so putting the two together was the epiphany I needed.
So why are we telling you all this you ask?  Because we are giving ourselves a challenge; HUGE,  to fullfill our good intentions.  To rock this blog thing and even if no one but us and one or two family members read it, we will have completed our intent.  So for the next four weeks, Monday thru Friday, we will be posting.  If you can believe it,  Fall officially starts on the 23rd so we'll be sharing some tips, ideas, inspiration, links to talented, creative people we love and hopefully you will too.  So hang out with us, send us some comments cuz we're going to need all the encouragement we can get and let's have some fun together as we head into the last part of the year. 

Like us on our Elements of Chic Facebook page and watch for some fun giveaways coming up!


Michele and Linda 
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